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Utility District Plants


Understanding your specific security needs is “the major factor” in assuring an effective security solution.

Today’s Integration has been serving water district plants and facilities since 2006. We are specialists in water plants, treatment facilities, lift stations, park and recreation centers. We understand the specific implementation process for board driven operations. Most security providers operate the same methods every time… that is not necessarily how a water district works. A security contractor cannot just do a site evaluation and submit an estimate with the same equipment they may deploy at an office or residential location.

Districts have very specific needs and a security contractor must understand the various security threats a district may face and must also understand that specific quality equipment must be used depending on the environments to which it is intended to cover. This understanding does not stop there. The contractor must understand a simple estimate is not appropriate, board members must evaluate estimates and quotes from a variety of contractors and need to know not only what specifically is being installed but how it is being installed and what level of effectiveness they can expect. After our detailed site review we will provide a “quote” that lays out exactly what we will do, what we will do it with and we provide a site plotting to show the intended installation locations and approximate coverage areas. This level of detail is provided in an informative layout accompanied with a board presentation to assure we educate the members so they have the tools they need to assure an informed decision.

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Doing a thorough evaluation, providing a detailed quote and presentation still is only part of the picture. The next level to assure the needs of a water district are met today and in the future is the rugged and experienced installation by a company that understands the workings of the facility and how to be effective without creating interference with the facilities operation. Then after installation, a company must understand this is not a 9am to 5pm open office operation, they must know how to work with operators and assure they too have a thorough understanding of what is being done, how it functions, how to operate and understand it.

Today’s Integration has contracts and service agreements pre-approved by legal counsels that work with water boards.

These are all elements that Today’s Integration is proud to say we surpass in!