Today’s Integration Services


Our security systems and components are designed from the ground up as a business platform with pre-engineered pathways and interfaces to communicate and cooperate with a host of business systems.

A $99. alarm system with a free keypad may sound like a good deal but you lose all ability to integrate your systems in a business environment and truly leverage the features of a “Security Management System”.

As an “Authorized GE Security Pro Dealer”, Today's Integration has the knowledge and expertise to integrate and manage a custom security system for your business.


Advanced wired and wireless components to form a leading security system.

Seamlessly integrating multiple security elements, the NetworX™ system from GE Security delivers optimum security for current and future needs of your home or small business. Particularly well-suited for new construction, NetworX offers a wide selection of hard-wired security elements including keypad, motion sensors, glassbreak detectors, smoke detectors and magnetic contacts. For added convenience, NetworX has extensive wireless capabilities backed by expert technicians experienced in optimal system design. This system also easily integrates with many third-party control systems such as home automation, lighting, HVAC and audio. Complete with cellular backup, NetworX represents one of the most advanced, expandable and reliable security solutions available.

Control Panels

With a track record of global security success, the NetworX™ product line includes a series of control panels that are universally compatible with all NX products and several of GE Security’s wired and wireless accessories that can be scaled or modified to meet changing security requirements. The control panel functions as the “brains” of your security system, coordinating input from different sensors and transmitting alarm monitoring information to a central monitoring center. Fully versatile, these control panels accommodate a variety of integrated components that allow you to customize, and easily expand your system to meet your security requirements. All NetworX control panels have alarm verification capability to help prevent false alarms.


The NX-4 control panel is a flexible, entry-level security system that features advanced technology for the detection of burglary, fire and environmental events. A cost-effective solution that is easy to install, the NX-4 is ideal for apartments, smaller homes and commercial environments. Equipped with the standard four hard-wired zones, the NX-4 can easily expand to eight fully programmable hard-wired zones, eight wireless zones or a combination of both.


The NX-6 is a full-featured system designed to handle most medium-sized residential and commercial applications. Like all NetworX control panels, its modular design allows for complete integration of multiple systems within one enclosure. In addition to the features found on the NX-4 model, the NX-6 comes standard with six hard-wired zones and can easily expand to 12 fully programmable hard-wired zones, 16 wireless zones or a combination of both.

NX-8 and NX-8E

The NX-8 and NX-8E represent the top-of-the-line systems for the most demanding home and commercial security needs. These feature-rich units include all the capabilities of the NX-6 model with options to accommodate an extensive number of keypads and users.


NetworX security systems offer 13 different keypad options to meet your specific needs and preferences, including keypads with built-in wireless functionality for simple, convenient setup and operation. The keypad allows you to turn the security system on or off by entering a simple numeric code. Designed with practicality in mind, these keypads complement virtually any décor and feature easy-to-read information displays. Dedicated emergency keys can be programmed so that fire, police or EMS can be contacted at the touch of a button. Available as LCD, LED and Fixed English, NetworX system keypads are easy to read and simple to use. Clear indicators and messaging give you complete system information and status. At GE Security, we make it easy for you to find the right keypad for your unique lifestyle.

NetworX Security Systems Keypads

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Today's Integration can custom design a system best suited for your home and security needs. Part of this design includes creating zones of protection. Defined zones are covered by specific sensors and detectors, yet it is simple and easy to arm/disarm the whole residence with a single button. If an alarm is triggered in your home, your system will be able to display which room or area the alarm is coming from as well as the type of alarm, such as a window being opened or a motion sensor activated.

Security Comfort Zones

Sensors and Peripherals

GE Security’s full line of intrusion protection solutions is complemented by a large selection of sensor and peripheral components that can enhance your home’s security. Wireless and hard-wired sensors are compatible with all products, including the new slim-profile DesignLine sensors. These added security elements represent GE Security’s commitment to comprehensive security and protection:

Sensors and Peripherals

  • Door/window sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Magnetic contacts
  • Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Keypads and keyfobs
  • Glassbreak and shock sensors
  • Wireless quick-bridge receivers and repeaters
  • Cellular-based communication modules
  • Proximity card readers/door control modules

In addition, Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) allows you to monitor and control your security system from your web browser and be notified of system events by email, PDA or phone.

Trust your home security with a name you know—GE.

For over a century, GE has been at the forefront of innovations that have made the world a better place to live and work. In addition to the many GE products you’ve come to rely on over the years, you can now depend on GE Security to help protect your family, home and even your business.