Today’s Integration’s main focus is to integrate the products and services you need to obtain a affordable security and technology integrated solution to meet –your budget of today and still provide the flexibility to meet your growing needs of tomorrow.

To meet these challenges we have evaluated a wide range of security and technology products and services from only top manufacturers to assure high quality reliable solutions.

If you are looking for the $99. camera or alarm system, you have come to the wrong place.

United Technology Corporation purchased the entire division of GE Security and all the components there in. They have been working diligently to trim out the obsolete and merge their new technology products with the quality we have come to expect. The result has been the most cutting edge quality line of products available today… We can now bring in an ever expanding IP based security platform designed from the ground up to function as a single system.


Innovative Commercial and Residential Solutions for Comprehensive Protection

We offer the GE Networx line of commercial security solutions, a platform developed specifically for the commercial and government industries. Durable equipment designed in a modular format to assure high level state of the art security options without having to purchase massive complex systems loaded with features you will never use.


Designed to meet the needs of applications large and small

We have two primary lines of surveillance systems the first is “TruVision” an economical quality solution for small and medium businesses. For the more demanding environments and high feature standards we have the “UltrView” view line. Both of these product groups were acquired from GE and greatly enhanced by UTC in their ongoing product expansion and development.

Access Control

Solve security issues by preventing them in the first place.

Now, the only thing easier than installing access control is using it.

Introducing TruPortal access control systems—built simply for you.

TruPortal access control solutions deliver reliable, high-end technology that installs quickly and easily right out of the box. Ideal for small to mid-sized applications, TruPortal is a Web-based application requiring no additional server. With our exclusive Install Wizard™ function, configuration is simple and quick for you, and intuitive and easy to use for your customers. Plus, only TruPortal works seamlessly with Interlogix’s TruVision™ video line to streamline compatibility and service issues.

Learn more about our access control services.


Verex, now part of the Interlogix family of brands.

Business automation means brining the security, surveillance and access control solutions together, working as one system to provide a security director and or facility then functionality they need with the simplicity they want… That’s “VEREX”.


Communications for small and medium business.

When it comes to communications for small and medium business we have selected NEC for our line of offerings. NEC has the reliability and proven performance we needed to assure our customers. With both analog and digital options NEC has the right platform. For analog system we use the “DSX” systems providing our customer who have legacy systems or just do not need the features of a digital solution the right fit at the right price. For the digital world… NEC has just released the new “SL1100” the state of the art digital phone system, feature rich with the latest in digital technology features.


Your single source for transmission solutions.

When it comes to networking… we are not talking about just hubs and switches anymore! We provide the entire digital fiber line, managed switches and a host of other high performance network equipment that outperforms the competition in security and reliability… “IFS” another flagship product of UTC fire and Security.