About Today’s Integration


Today's Integration, Inc. is managed and owned by Howard Manson an honorably retired Texas Peace Officer who served this state for over 20 years.

During much of his law enforcement career Howard Manson excelled in many areas of corrections including communications, patrol, special operations, supervision and investigations.

His career with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department allowed him to develop standards and procedures in communications, mobile data terminals, automated offense reporting systems and many other areas that bridge the gap of technology and law enforcement. While still serving, Howard Manson reached the next level of accomplishment in the technology field by becoming the General Manager of Bass Computers in Houston. This experience enhanced his technology experience in computers, networks, communications, software and management. Howard Manson is recognized by Microsoft as a leading technology-law enforcement expert.

After designing a large distribution facility from the ground up and governing sales, marketing, technical support, service, web development, communications, warehouse and purchasing, Howard Manson identified a substantial gap between security and technology. Leveraging his extensive knowledge in both areas, Mr. Manson formed Today's Integration, Inc., a company dedicated to bridging that gap with high-end, quality solutions designed to enhance these once separate platforms into integrated, operational systems affording the customer solutions that are far more advanced and cost effective.