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When considering a security systems and monitoring company for your business you may not want to jump at the lowest cost, biggest national dealer out there… Consider a local company that carries only a high quality, not a high margin, line of security.

After all we are talking about the security of your business, the entity that you have built to provide for your customers. Local service and support means you will be dealing with the same people every time, uniformed personnel that are specifically trained on the equipment we sell, install and service.

We don’t sell you a “canned” solution where one security system with a limited number of devices is installed to cover your common areas on a basic level. We meet with you to perform a detailed evaluation of your business, its locations and your concerns. Then we address the specific expectations you want from your security system, how you would like to interface with it, what type of information you expect, and to define exactly what is protecting your interests. Check references…


No two locations are the same, we take pride in being thorough and detailed in our evaluation. This ensures an efficient and informative proposal. Taking the time to understand our customer’s needs assures meeting our customer’s expectations. The earlier we hear from you the better. Even if you are in the early planning stages of your project, the sooner you plan for your security and low-voltage elements the more options you will have with greater cost savings.

Every business has different needs from their equipment. We will evaluate your location or plans and meet with you to understand your business and flow. We need to understand your business model to assure you experience maximum effectiveness from your security, surveillance and access control systems.

Today’s Integration can provide a no-charge estimate or detailed assessment. A no-charge estimate is a review of your facility or plans, meeting with you and advising on areas you need to address and how it should be implemented, along with an estimated price to complete your project.

For a detailed assessment we charge a $500 deposit which is refunded from your final bill. This charge is required due to the amount of work and experience we bring to the early stages of your project. We understand you may intend to obtain bids from other companies however we have learned from experience our proposals are often used as a baseline for other competitors review in providing competitive bids. After meeting with you we will provide a detailed analysis, layout and proposal. This will not be pages of techno-babble and a price. You will receive line-by-line pricing and a detailed description of the project with product specifications and an implementation process.

It is always in your best interest to make sure any company providing an estimate or quote does so from the ground up. If you hand a bid from one company to another bidding company, you are telling them exactly what to do and how to do it. By not having all competitors write their own bid from the ground up, you are cheating yourself in knowing exactly what each company is really capable of. For example, if you give our detailed proposal with line by line item list, diagram and synopsis of the project to a company that has lessor experience and quality standards. You are handing them a blueprint to copy without ever knowing their potential and knowledge. There is much to be gained in having each company write their own proposal.


The same rules of equipment apply to all elements of security, surveillance, access control and technology. For example purposes we will just address determining the right camera system as an example. One camera does not fit all! Camera systems should never be sold as a "package" and one camera does not fit all. Be careful when reviewing system were you see that one camera that "can do it all".

For example an infrared camera has specific situations it should accommodate it may be needed in limited or no light situations but does not typically work well at longer distances and the infrared coating diminishes the quality of the picture in lighted environments. A dome type camera may be the perfect fit in some situation but the wrong camera in others. That is why for maximum effectiveness, durability and overall customer satisfaction the only accurate camera system is one that is designed by trained professionals that know how to accommodate varying environmental situations and specifically address the concerns and intent for the equipment.


We shall install your equipment at or above industry standard. The proper installation shall provide longer equipment life with superior quality. Review our photo library of installation examples and comparisons of other installations. There are many factors in determining installation methods; Where is the equipment to be housed; is the environment sufficient to promote long reliable life? Is the equipment in a safe environment? Are the cameras installed properly, do they cover the areas intended? Does the access control system meet local law requirements? Are the security system devices chosen and installed to meet the needs of the area they are to protect?

So many factors are involved in a successful installation, again these are even more reason to have your project implemented by a professional company that specializes in the components utilized. Just because a company or individual says the can install cameras does not mean they have the core competencies to implement your project in a first class manner.

Imagine implementing an entire access control system just to have the local Fire Marshall come in and shut down your entire construction process because the proper standards were not followed. Look at this camera system installation as an example; Here you have a computer installed in a metal non-ventilated enclosure, the keyboard and monitor are accessible by anyone, the cables are help together with electrical tape and yes the whole thing is held In place with a bungee-cord! Yes… this is a real installation we came across. This system had been in service for less than two years and was non-functional.

Here you see a proper installation.


Customer satisfaction is parallel to customer training! Only after the proper personnel have received practical training will you obtain maximum usability from your systems. We have been specially trained in the solutions we offer by the manufacturers of our products. This assures you the best possible experience with your equipment.


Your quality experience does not stop after training. We service what we sell! Never will you be told or required to “call someone else” for work we have performed. We are a local company providing you with local service. Have you ever had service calls from large national companies? You rarely get the same technical who knows your system, setup & personnel. This causes a host of issues ranging from system failures from not understanding or being involved in the original installation to not understanding the customer’s business and how the customer uses the systems. Problems like these take much more tome resulting in higher costs and diminished system up-time.