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Associations Solutions

Association solutions in security, surveillance and access control are different than that of commercial, government or residential not only in the equipment selected but in usage, installation and deployment as well.

Association facilities can range from unmanned locations such as park and recreation facilities to constant traffic access control and monitoring locations which have a constant flow of activity. Locations like these need systems that operate in an unmanned, constant running remote environment.

Associations and more specifically their management company’s need the ability to remote monitor, playback and control their facilities. These systems need to manage themselves and have the ability to notify appropriate people when a problem exists. The equipment selection based on fulfilling current and future needs is only part of the equation. The installation method, support and training are equally important. It is important to select a company that understands this. Today’s Integration specializes in determining not only the right equipment for each location but analyses how the equipment is to be used on a day to day basis and who it is used by to assure maximum effectiveness.


No two locations are the same, we take pride in being through and detailed in our evaluation. This ensures an efficient and informative proposal. Taking the time to understand the facilities needs assures meeting the client’s expectations. The earlier we hear from you the better. Even if you are in the early planning stages of your project the sooner you plan for your security and low-voltage elements the more options you will have with greater cost savings.

Every facility has different needs from their equipment. We will evaluate you location or plans and meet with you or your operator to understand your concerns and vulnerabilities. We need to understand your facility and operator(s) to assure you experience maximum effectiveness from your security, surveillance and access control systems.


When providing solutions for association related projects, unlike commercial situations where you typically deal with a single office/business manager. Association processes are typically overseen by board members who have a host of concerns to deal with every month, when it comes to security platforms these boards rely on the experience of the integrator to assure they are educated in what is available, what is the plan, how it will be accomplished and not only the upfront costs but any recurring costs associated with added services. It does a board no service to provide a sheet of techno-babble with a bottom line price. You as a board member need information presented by an experienced company.

We provide “quotes” not “estimates”… there is a big difference between the two! After the site(s) evaluation we will provide a presentation with detailed line by line listing of what is to be installed, we will provide actual samples of the equipment to provide a better understanding of features and limitations, we will include a detailed layout of where these devices are implemented and their coverage areas. All of this is bundled in a “quote” detailing exactly what everything as proposed will cost.

Beware of the “estimate” many times we have heard from customers who choose the “low-bidder” who provided a implementation that appeared to be similar for a lessor price only to be presented with additional invoices for “unforeseen issues” or “supplemental charges”. We know what we are doing and we will quote it correctly the first time and stand behind it.

Don’t short change yourself when requesting proposals…

It is always in your best interest to make sure any company providing an estimate or quote does so from the ground up. If you hand a bid from one company to another bidding company, you are telling them exactly what to do and how to do it. By not having all competitors write their own bid from the ground up, you are cheating yourself in knowing exactly what each company is really capable of. For example, if you give our detailed proposal with line by line item list, diagram and synopsis of the project to a company that has lessor experience and quality standards. You are handing them a blueprint to copy without ever knowing their potential and knowledge. There is much to be gained in having each company write their own proposal.


Providing quality equipment and professional installation are not enough, especially in association projects. You need a service provider that is there when you call. A company that works with other association service professionals every day. Give us the opportunity to evaluate your needs and provide you with a solution. Our personnel are uniformed, manufacturer trained, properly equipped with commercial service trucks backed by the resources needed to assure your ongoing services are addressed far after the installation.


Today’s Integration understands the needs of association and property management companies. We know the board makes the decision however the management company is the one –who will need to utilize this solation every day. The management company’s involvement does not start and stop with brining contractors to the table to bid projects like this. The management company shall be the first line of contact with the association in all matters including; installation, programming, training and support. Management companies do not need or want to be security contractors, they have enough to deal with amongst the many other contractors they coordinate every day. This 0is why it is important to consider a security company with a extensive background with association management companies, we know what the management company needs from us. They will not spend their time chasing us down to ask questions. We know what they need to know; we know how they need to access and control these systems. This is not a fence where it is installed and the contractor is never needed again.


We take great pride in our relationships with our clients and we are proud to network in our government agencies and associations. We are constantly receiving referrals not from just other board members but from Operators, Legal Counsels, Engineers and other common providers within our networks. We will be there when you need us… just ask around.