Today’s Integration Solutions
Access Control for Gated Entries


Outdoor access control systems have advanced significantly over the years. Let’s take a common example; you have a neighborhood that has gated access, swimming pools, and recreation centers.

Let’s say all three of these elements needs access control or even more importantly that only one or two of these need access control today but the rest may need access control at a future date.

Until now these would require separate disjoined systems that could create a significant work load/cost on management companies trying to maintain multiple databases of cards for one reader, codes for a gate and keys for a tennis court. Situations like these are still all too common.

We can provide a single management point access control system with the latest in technology providing you with the elements you need today with the expandability you want for tomorrow. We can provide a gated access control system that uses ONE keyfob that can act as a remote transmitter for gates and locks as well as a card reader for these walk-through gates and recreation centers all in one. We can even go further and add EZ-Tag and or Toll-Tag readers to you gated control systems to assure a hassle and device free solution.

The eGo® Plus Sticker Tag is a 915 MHz radio frequency programmable, beam-powered, windshield-mounted tag. Packaged as a flexible sticker, this tag is ideal for applications that require low-cost, easily installed tags. This tag supports Super eGo (SeGo), eGo, and ATA protocols. The tag is suitable for a wide variety of automatic vehicle identification (AVI) transportation applications, including electronic toll collection, airport/ground transportation management systems, parking access, and security access applications.

Using an RFID tag-on-a-chip ASIC, the eGo Plus Sticker Tag offers a read range of up to 31.5 feet (9.6 meters) and 2048-bit read/write memory at a fraction of the cost of older, less flexible RFID technology. The tag provides the capability to read, write, rewrite, or permanently lock individual bytes.

TransCore eGo Plus Sticker Tag

The TransCore eGo Plus Sticker Tag, in conjunction with TransCore readers, enables advanced security techniques that ensure a tag’s authenticity while preventing data corruption and/or alteration. In addition, tag cloning, spoofing, copying, or duplicating is prevented. The eGo Plus Sticker Tag supports factory programming of fixed data fields that are locked at the factory and cannot be reprogrammed. Agency-programmed fixed data fields optionally can be locked by the agency after programming using password-protected programming equipment.

There are many ways to address the challenges and required features of access control so instead of laying out specific limited products here, we encourage you to contact us and Schedule an appointment so we can come out and address your specific needs.